1. Franck, Cesar [05:50]
Violin Sonata in A Major: I. Allegretto ben moderato
2. Franck, Cesar [07:51]
Violin Sonata in A Major: II. Allegro
3. Franck, Cesar [06:58]
Violin Sonata in A Major: III. Recitativo-Fantasia: Ben moderato
4. Franck, Cesar [06:08]
Violin Sonata in A Major: IV. Allegretto poco mosso
5. Franck, Cesar [08:01]
Andantino Quietoso in E-Flat Major, Op. 6
6. Ravel, Maurice [05:24]
Sonata for Violin & Piano in G Major: I. Allegretto
7. Ravel, Maurice [03:50]
Sonata for Violin & Piano in G Major: II. Blues: Moderato
8. Ravel, Maurice [03:49]
Sonata for Violin & Piano in G Major: III. Perpetuum mobile: Allegro
9. Ravel, Maurice [02:54]
Pièce en forme de Habanera (arr. C. Georges)
10. Ysaye, Eugene [04:51]
Rêve d'enfant, Op. 14

Sophie Rosa and Benjamin Powell present a beautiful selection of works by Franck, Ravel and Ysäye for their debut album on the Champs Hill Label.

“The young British prodigy Sophie Rosa, ably supported by pianist Benjamin Powell, interprets this repertoire with authority and yet the overwhelming impression is one of adventurous disposition mingled with a depth of emotion that conveys real exuberance. A wonderfully attractive recital, excellently recorded and presented.”

-Gerald Fenech, Music and Vision Magazine

“This is a very fine disc, containing uniformly excellent performances in great style and played with complete musical understanding... a very desirable record indeed ...”

-Robert Matthew-Walker Musical Opinion Quarterly July-September 2016

“...silken, silvery tone Sophie Rosa plays the first movement with an insinuating sensuality that captures the seductive mood to perfection."

“...Never have I heard a diminuendo and the fade-out like Rosa achieves at the end of the movement; it absolutely took my breath away.

"This may just be the best recording yet from this label and venue. “
- Jerry Dubins, Fanfare Magazine July/August 2016

Ysäye, Eugene [04:51]
Rêve d'enfant, Op. 14

REBECCA CLARKE (1886-1979)
Suite for Two Violins and Piano (1909)
1. I. Prelude [4.32
2. II. Danse Bizzare [5.08
3. III. Nocturne [8.32]

Allusions Trio for Two Violins and Piano (2016
4. I. False Impressions [5.47]
5. II. Mindscape [7.52]
6. III. Beneath the Surface [4.09]

GORDON JACOB (1895-1984)
Four Bagatelles for Two Violins (1961)
7. I. A Carol [1.29]
8. II. Mazurka [1.10]
9. III. Autumn Sketch [1.49]
10. IV. Gopak [1.02]

Sonata for Two Violins (1930)
11. I. Allegro non troppo [6.32]
12. II. Presto [4.02]
13. III. Passacaglia [5.24]

Theme and Variations for Two Violins (1937)
14. Theme [0.43]
15. I.Capricietto [0.51]
16. II. Siciliano [2.02]
17. III. Cancrizzante [1.01]
18. IV. Rhapsodia [2.51]
19. V. Notturno [3.11]
20. VI. Scherzetto [0.42]
21. VII. Ostinato [1.12]
22. VIII. Canone [0.37]
23. IX. Fantasia [3.08]

TOTAL TIME [73.46]

SOPHIE ROSA (violin)

Release: May 2017

EM Records EMR 043

Featuring works for two violins, Warp and Weft brings together a fascinating variety of works written for this instrumentation by 20th and 21st Century British composers. It is a unique exploration, in which the two violins interweave lines to make a web of sound. In addition to two world première recordings by Gordon Jacob and Paul Patterson, the disc also includes some of the most inspiring yet rarely recorded works by Rebecca Clarke, E.J.Moeran and Alan Rawsthorne. Each expressing distinctive colours, the exploration of lyricism and virtuosity unfolds.

The Strad
(CD review Warp and Weft-EM Records EMRCD 043) September 2017

'...Midori Komachi and Sophie Rosa play as one, dovetailing their phrases and matching their sound to a remarkable degree, counterpointed by velvet-gloved pianism of ravishing sensitivity from Simon Callaghan and further enhanced by an atmospheric, gently cushioned sound picture...'

Read the full review here.

BBC Music Magazine
'An atmospheric disc, with two interesting premieres - Patterson's Allusions Trio and Jacob's Four Bagatelles. Clarke's rapturous Nocturne also stands out.'

Stuart Sillitoe
'This is a splendid disc of rarely heard or recorded English music for two violins, and one that any self respecting anglophile will not want to be without.....The performances by Midori Komachi and Sophie Rosa are excellent throughout. They really get to the heart of this wonderful music, especially in the works without piano, where their interplay is terrific.'

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